Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Yes, I have a new comic book finished! It took quite a while, but it was completed in time for SPX, and I'm pretty proud of the results. The script is by Tom Batten of sunny Richmond, VA, with black ink art by moi. Mandy printed the covers (woodblock letterpress) and the interiors (photocopy - the first 50 on a nice pinkish French paper, the rest on white) and handbound them. She did an amazing job making my work into books and making them beautiful packages. That's the sort of work usually done by a publisher, which is why you'll find "Rhubarb Pie Press" on the back of these comics! We'll be putting then on etsy in the next couple days, and I'll post and tweet to update that. They'll also be available at Velocity Comics in Richmond as soon as we can arrange it.

SPX was great! So great I drew a comic about it! I told someone at the show that I did neither webcomics nor autobio comics, and now I've proven myself a liar by doing both at the same time

Here's a pic of our table, with friends Jessica Hoffman and Justin Quinlan to my left.

I may post to tell you about the best comics we picked up when I get to read them all. You should all come to SPX next year so I don't have to tell you what a good time it is.

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